Monday, January 7, 2013

A Star Wars Marathon Weekend, in Review

On finding a DVD of the original three movies:

"Maybe my sister and her husband have a copy we could borrow. Although, they're not really trekkies. Or whatever you call Star Wars fans. Virgins?"

Princess Leia's Hair:

"It's always so much bigger than I remember."

On the existence of C3PO:

"Was he always this annoying? I don't remember hating him this much. Someone please kill that guy."

Every time a Jawa appeared on screen:


On Mr. Lucas's additions to the new releases:

"That's CGI"
"Oh, bad CGI alert"
"CGI again"
"That's some CGI magic. Crappy magic."

On Storm Troopers:

"Why are they running away? 'Oh he's got a laser gun! Wait, we've got laser guns too! And there are more of us! Run away, run away!'"

On googling what the stars look like now:

"Woah, Mark Hamill. Dude."

On Vader's torture devices:

"This is a flu shot! I said good day!"

On familial ties:

"Wikipedia says Darth Vader wasn't Luke's father yet. Lucas didn't come up with that until the second movie. Right now, he's just some dude. He's Uncle Vader."

On Leia's metal bikini:

"Do you wish I had a Princess Leia slave costume now?"
"Why? You don't think I'd look good in a metal bikini? I'm not pretty enough to be Jabba's slave girl?"
"No, you're prettier than everything else."
"Ok, you've covered all the bases."

On Yoda:

"That's the same guy who plays Ms. Piggy."
"He's all 'I'm not standing on top of you anymore Luke, you keep falling over and crap'"

Oh Luke and Darth's final battle:

"Get him! Get him! GO! Go! Get him!! . . . Dude, you just cut off his hand."

On the happy finale music:

"No, it's supposed to be 'Dum Dum Do Do Dum'."
"I think that's a hymn."

On the newly added ghost of Anakin Skywalker:

"The fetch is that guy doing here? No, get out. You don't belong here." 

On the prequels:

"So, should we see if we can borrow the first three episodes and watch those now?"

On Star Wars in French:

"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up."

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