Monday, December 31, 2012

You know, in some cultures 13 is considered lucky...

Coming up on the end of another year. Actually, quite a lot happened in 2012.

My incredible husband got his second raise in two years and now makes more than twice as much as he did when we married, two short years ago. The fact that he is not afraid to ask for a 60% raise both impresses and terrifies me. I could never be that bold.

I got a promotion, of sorts. That is to say, I am working for the same company in an entirely different position which is much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

We went to Scotland again and to Disneyland together for the first time. Both trips were fantastic, romantic, and everything an annoying friend would brag to you about.

We moved into a fantastic new apartment with a full-sized oven and more cupboard space than we truly need! We even know each of our neighbors by name.

I got pregnant with our first child.

I lost our first child.

We lived through December 21st 2012, despite all Mayan prophecies to the contrary.

I took my husband camping, complained the whole time, and enjoyed it in spite of myself.

We went to NYC for a holiday weekend and saw the amazing and delicious Wicked on broadway between bites of Magnolia's cupcakes and carriage rides round central park.

We lived, once again, happily ever after for another full year.

All dressed up (in my high school choir dress) for a pre-New Year's Downton Abbey party. I stole this picture from my sister's blog.

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