Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Love Letter

I found it in a second hand accounting textbook. Stuck in the pages of the 17th chapter somewhere between "reading a balance sheet" and "interpreting an income statement".

He writes on simple notebook paper with scrawling, sloppy handwriting interspersed with misspellings and "lols". Two letters in one envelope, since he didn't mail the first before he wrote the second. He's been there about three weeks and only just got his dogtags and glasses. He's getting used to things now, and they've stopped fighting as much among themselves.

He thinks about that date he took her on just before he left. He wishes he could talk to her, see her face. He really, really likes her, and calls her Morgan-beautiful. Both letters end with the same post-script: "PS. Your amazing and beautiful."

He only just got her card, and he can't wait to get her next letter. He thinks she's someone special.

He hopes she feels the same way about him.
Does she? The envelope is torn from where she opened it, perhaps in a hurry, obscuring his full name and return address. The paper is still fairly crisp, the folds cleanly creased and not fraying from ill use or much handling. Did she read the letter once and forget about it, stuffing it absentmindedly into her book as she prepared for finals? Did she hide it there quickly, guiltily before some other boy found the evidence of this mystery admirer? Or was she saving it there, to keep her company as she studied for a test and dreamed of the boy who took her on a date once before he left to join the airforce?

Her address, at least, is still clearly written in his untidy hand on the envelope. Should I return it to her? Pack it up in a plain white envelope with a return address she's never heard of? I think I will, if only because I cannot keep it and hate to throw such earnest hopefulness away. 

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