Monday, September 12, 2011

You'll probably need Google Translate for this one. Och, aye.

Ho ye! Guid mornin!

Mayhap ye dinnae ken it but we've had a stretch of dreich days an' plenty 'o time fer sewin' in these parts. Wuid you like a wee keek at what's come oot of it? Ye wuid? Guid, then.
My Laird Awesome is a verra braw man, is he no? 

I sewed evra thried in that gown, lassies. Evra wee thried, an Ah did it wi' many a curse as weel.
Pure dead brilliant, is wha' it is, lassies.

 An' phoootoshopped 'til ma heid's mince too. 

I ken what yer thinkin': "Yer bum's oot the widae." Dinnae fash yerself, laddies. I dinnea ken what the half of it mean meself.

Mayhap ye'd fancy a wee keek at the look we've planned fer All Hallows Eve, then? Nae problem!

 Avast ye! Thar be squarles ahead!


CamilleJohnFam said...

very cool costumes! You look stunning together!

Nancy said...

I feel like my whole college career was a waste now... and I miss you real bad.