Monday, September 26, 2011


A year ago today I woke up a married woman. While the actual marrying took place on the 25th, I still kind of feel like the 26th is the first day of my married life. There was a whole lot happening around us on the 25th, and there were whole lot of people involved in said happenings. On the 26th, though, it was just the two of us. Team J&J versus the world. And oh boy, it was gonna be good.

And so it has been. People say the first year of marriage is the hardest. Either they are full of crap, or marriage is a piece of pie. Or possibly I just happened to marry the best man ever invented in the history of time. Actually, it's probably a combination of all three with emphasis on the third.

Of course, I can only speak for myself. I know Mr. Awesome's perception of marriage is not the same as mine at all. He made the mistake of marrying a crazy person who gets excited and furious over the strangest things, sometimes simultaneously, and listens to Christmas music in July. His first year of marriage was probably like drinking Mountain Dew after a lifetime of nothing but water. Exhilarating but confusing and can leave you with a headache. Also it goes well with chocolate. Mmmmm, chocolate.

The point is, I am awesome at marriage and will now feel free to dispense advice about it at will to any and everyone I meet. Such are the benefits of having been married a WHOLE YEAR. Also, chocolate.

Anyway, over the next few weeks I'll be chronicling the most recent J&J adventure from which we returned only last night. There will be plenty of pictures and strained metaphors for your blogging enjoyment. Until then, though, I leave you with this thought:

Istanbul was Constantinople now it's Istanbul not Constantinople. Been a long time gone, old Constantinople. Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks.

(Oh you so have that song stuck in your head now, don't you?)

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