Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr. Awesome does "the supportive husband"

"Oh cool, so you're going to be a mommy-blogger then?"


"You know, like...make stuff and then post pictures of it on your blog?"


"I think that looks's kind of....whimsical. Yeah, it's whimsical."

And the best part? He wasn't even being sarcastic.

He was talking about the place-mats I made out of paper doilies and packing tape to match the look of the teapot because the flowers he bought me to celebrate my awesome raise at work looked better in the white porcelain teapot than the clear glass vase. (Wow, that sentence is magnificent.)

I prefer my crafts to be cheap and disposable, so it's a win all around. Also, I occasionally play that sheet music in the background. And when I do, Mr. Awesome looks up from his computer screen and says "I like to hear you play the piano", at which point I give up on the "Pride and Prejudice" score and launch into a one handed rendition of In A Gadda Da Vida. He also finds that "whimsical".

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