Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In my defense, Facebook told me to do it.

Yesterday everyone was telling me to vote. So I did. And now half of them are pissed about it.

Seriously, why is it that democracy brings out the worst in us? And natural disasters bring out the best? This past week the right to vote had us calling each other all kinds of bad names, ending friendships, and predicting the end of the world. Meanwhile, a hurricane devastating the east coast had us coming together, donating money and time to help others, and making friendships with total strangers.

Seriously, ya'll. What's that about?

Granted, I must sound all high and mighty given that I voted for the man who won. Apologies if it comes off like that. I'd like to think if the other dude won, I would be disappointed but not catatonic about it. True, I did tell my husband that a vote for Romney meant he hates women, puppies, and America. But I was mostly joking about that one. Still, I cannot guarantee I would not have indulged in some form of histrionics (though I like to hope I'd restrain myself). Meanwhile, according to my Utah friends' status updates, gun sales should be skyrocketing today. And while I understand that they are very upset that Romney lost, I'm still not sure that's a good reason to shoot him.

Neither is it a good reason to basically flip off the rest of the country because "You lost, neiner neiner" (Though I applaud you for trying to make "neiner neiner" happen again, people). Obama's victory, while nice for you, isn't really a coop for civil-rights-and-women-everywhere-excessive-punctuation. It's probably not going to change all that much, really. Voting for him did not make you smarter, sexier, or cooler than your republican counterparts. And it won't solve all of our problems (not hardly, but that's a blog for another day...and another blogger.)

In the end, next year some dude will be president. He'll struggle to work with a democratic senate and a republican house to reduce a staggering debt and get a fragile economy off of life support. He'll kiss babies and appoint judges and give really long winded speeches. He doesn't hate America or want to make illicit deals with the Russians. But then, neither did the other guy.
A liberal and a conservative in love. Awww. (This is the part where we all join hands and sing kumbayah.)

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