Saturday, September 29, 2012


I do not like summer. Not even during the best of times do I like summer. When the temperature is over 100 degrees and the humidity up to 80, I hate summer to the depths of my soul. This summer was worse than most. But now that it's over and no longer ruining my life, let's look back at some pictures I took along the way.

Pie. Lemon zest in the graham cracker crust. Boom.
Hey look, that place where I no longer live!

Pop Quiz: How many national monuments and historical buildings can be seen from the roof of the apartment we just moved away from? Answer: I never counted, because I'm not that much of a dork.
Honestly, this rooftop was the best thing about that apartment, and I still don't miss it.
Pop quiz: Which camera setting did I use to get this image? Answer: I'm hoping you can tell me because I truly do not know.
Note: You are not actually supposed to wade in the pool at the WWII memorial. These people are doing it wrong!

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