Monday, August 13, 2012

Conversations with 12 year old boys

Oh my dears, I So Do Not Care About Sports! Except, as we sat there in that small windowless space with chalkdust in the air and mop-headed boys leaning their chairs back and expounding on the awesomeness of baseball, I did care. Oh yes, I did. With their eyes huge and their words almost slurring in the need to express just how amazing bobsledding is and can-you-believe-Michael-Phelps-has-like-a-bagillion-gold-metals!!! I was mezmerized. I don't know why. I never even bother to tell them not to lean their chairs back like that. Instead I bring a bag of starburst and we talk about football.

I was deeply annoyed when we were first assigned to teach the twelve-year old's Sunday School class. How is it possible that this is now the best calling I've ever had in my life? Everyone says nursery is where you really fall in love with the kids because they're just so little and cute. Well, nursery nearly did me in. Twelve year old boys are much more fun to talk to. Excuse me, thirteen-year old boys! Let us not forget, three of them had a birthday and are now, officially, teenagers. It's important, dudes. As important as Usain Bolt's shoes.

The fetch?

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