Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Nanny, Aliens, and Literalism: A beginner's guide

Not quite a month between posts here, and I'm not even going to pretend to apologize. You want regular posts? Leave a comment, my dear. Otherwise, you're just as silent as I am on this wasteland of a blog. In other words, this is totally your fault.

We went to San Francisco last week. It was cool. And I mean that literally, as in "I wish I had packed a jacket, for behold this weather doth blow." I also mean that literally; the wind never did shut its pie hole. I don't mean that literally, though. To the best of my knowledge, wind has no pie hole. Unless it does. In which case, wind is suddenly much more exciting to me.

So anyway, San Fran. And can I just say, I hate when people call it San Fran? His name was Francisco, people, not Fran. Unless they've canonized Ms. Drescher, which would be weird because she's not dead. Also, I'm thinking she's jewish. Don't you have to be catholic to be a saint? I think yes, but the wikipedia article is soooo looong and I'm just not sure I care enough to skim through it. Anyway, the point is, I went to San Francisco and it was apparently not interesting enough to keep me on topic about it for the duration of an entire paragraph. Done.

Also in this month's headlines: New nephews! Yay! I gotta say, for newborns they're pretty cute. All newborns sort of look like aliens, but these are two particularly cute aliens. So, welcome to planet earth, little extraterrestrials! And I mean that literally.

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