Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few thoughts you don't want to hear

Because it's a blog, people. I use it to air my biased, ill-formed opinions on an innocent world. That's how this deal works, yo.

It won't come as any surprise that I don't swing right, and don't have any respect for Palin as a legitimate political figure. And her reactions to this whole thing have done nothing to sway my opinion. Although, can we just take a second and realize that while the use of the term "blood-libel" was ill-judged, calling Palin anti-Semitic for that is just a tad far-fetched. I mean, come on, does anyone honestly believe she knew what the term meant? Let's not start overestimating her intelligence here, people.

Actually, let's take more than a moment to disect this "blood-libel" anti-semite moment. Because, by golly, it's bothering me. I will totally get behind the idea that it was innappropriate, but this reaction to it has a nauseating familiarity. Taking one small detail and using it to caricature someone into a horrible, anti-semitic, anti-american, satanic messenger of evil? Who does this sort of reaction remind us of, students? Hint: rhymes with Then Heck!

Honestly, children, the last thing we need is to start modeling ourselves on that type of reaction. Speaking of reactions, there were two that pretty much summed it up for me. One was Jon Stewart's opening for the Daily Show on Monday. If you haven't yet, I recommend watching it. And don't worry, it's safe for conservatives and liberals both.

The second was this dude. Because you know, when he is off he can be pretty off. But when he is on? He is awesome.

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